Recruitment Service Videos

To help our clients and candidates understand more about Recruitment Solutions and the wide range of employment services that we provide, our team of specialist recruitment experts have put together a series of informative videos that will explain our in-depth recruitment service and the procedures required to become a successful candidate.

Whilst we’d always recommend working hand-in-hand with or experienced team to help find the perfect career or recruit for your requirements, our selection of short videos will give you the perfect starting point.

Please contact us if you require more information.

About Recruitment Solutions Ltd

Learn more about the Recruitment Solutions Team, what we do and the industries that we can help develop you recruitment requirements in.

Registering with Recruitment Solutions

This detailed video will give you everything you need to do know about signing up to our employment agency and finding your next job role.

Accepting an Assignment

Discover how Recruitment Solutions can help you find a job a that suits you with a company that fits your requirements.

Making the most out of your Assignment

This short video will take a look at how our employment service will help you become the perfect candidate in your new role.

Contracts, Timesheets & Payslips

We give you all the information to cover-off all the necessary paperwork and ensure you get paid on time.

Health and Safety Information

We’ve taken a look at the Do’s and Don’ts when working with our recruitment agency to guarantee your next role is a successful one.